Navillera (2021) Episode 7 English Sub

It is about Shim Deok Chul, who begins ballet at the age of 70, and the 23-year-old ballerino Lee Chae Rok who gets lost while chasing his dreams. The drama will tell a story of growth about people who pursue their dreams because life only comes around once.

The retired mailman Shim Deok Chul whose deeply hidden dream of becoming a ballerino resurfaces at an old age. He takes on the challenge of ballet to finally fulfill his lifelong desire.

Lee Chae Rok, who started ballet late but has an extraordinary talent. Chae Rok has never thought of anything besides soccer, but after coincidentally watching a ballet performance, he feels something he can’t describe with words for the first time. Deok Chul also appears in his life to turn things inside out.

Choi Hae Nam, Deok Chul’s wife who takes care of her grown-up children’s lives as if they were her own. She wants to live life quietly without becoming a burden to her children, but Deok Chul suddenly tells her that he wants to pursue ballet.

Shim Eun Ho, Deok Chul’s granddaughter who lives a life planned by her father. After meeting Chae Rok, she starts over again in order to find her own happiness and dreams, realistically portraying the life of a young woman in her 20s.

Note: This is a raw episode, subtitles will be added soon.

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